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I am an artist working in a variety of mediums. My works are typically small scale, and scrutiny of 3D objects informs my 2D work on paper or textiles. This approach is used in both aspects of my practice which is based upon line and form.


Although maths and geometry were not my favourite subjects at school, I use them both in one sphere of my work. The shapes are rational, rather than emotional. They have formality, logic, precision and sometimes, perfection. This is why I find them so exciting.


These geometric forms are constructed from printed and painted papers, metal or textiles; the texture giving substance to the shape. These are then configured into minimalistic collages which may, or may not, be fragmented and reconstructed. Balance, proportion, scale and space are my prime considerations, and as such form small, non-objective compositions. With each configuration I look beyond the boundary of the shape, its line and texture. I want to see an illusion of its original 3D form and my hope is that the viewer will have the same visual experience.


Architecture has a powerful impact on this part of my practice. I have a strong visceral impulse to deconstruct a building and reduce it to a few simple shapes. Daniel Libeskind, Oscar Niemeyer, Eduardo Catalano and David Chipperfield are first amongst those whose works inspire me.


In total contrast, I am fascinated by geological forms. Unlike the rigidity of geometry, these are fluid, dynamic, energetic and emotional. Stunning satellite imagery and personal observation of the landscape informs this part of my practice. From towering mountains and arid deserts, to the smallest of mineral bearing rocks – these are the wonders of our ever changing planet. A silted river bed viewed from above is a breathtaking sight; but it brings me to question why we are constantly laying waste to our fragile world. The surface of our planet abounds with wonderful patterns, and my intention is to capture some of these amazing sights before they disappear for ever.


To achieve this, I am currently choosing to work with various painting mediums and lithography, the latter being a superb media for capturing nebulous shapes. Earth’s patterns can vary in size from just a few inches to several miles, and my choice of media is dictated by this criteria. I describe this work as reductive or non-objective and as such, the use of a limited colour palette aids me in capturing the energy and emotion of the subject. 


As satellite imagery is secondary source material, the work of Benjamin Grant is truly inspiring.

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